Does the Concrete Surface need to be cleaned? 

Yes. Clean concrete surface and remove all oils and other debris. Rince and allow to dry thoroughly before applying Like-Nu.

How long does the product need to dry before walking on it?

Answer 1: Depending on the outside temperature, we recommend allowing the product to cure and dry for 30 to 60 minutes.

Answer2: Depending on the outside temperature:

  • 80°F and above as fast 10 min
  • 60° and above up to 1 hour
  • Below 60° up to 90 minutes

Do I need to wear a mask when working with this product?

We recommend always using a mask, gloves and eye safety glasses when using any concrete products.

What happens if the product drips on my working surface?

If product drips on your working surface, simply use a medium gauge paint roller or sponge pad to smooth out the drips and lightly respray.

How long does the Like-Nu mix last?

Once Mixed, Like-Nu will last approximately 2 hours depending on the outside temperature.

How many coats of Like-Nu should I spray on my concrete?

Depending on the condition of your concrete we recommend 2

How long do I have to wait before spraying another coat of the Like-Nu Product?

Let each coat dry 30 minutes unless above 80°.

Is Like Nu an overlay or epoxy?

No Like Nu is modified cement that permeates the surface allowing air and moisture to breathe

Can I spray Like-Nu on to a damp or wet surface?

No. Your concrete surface must be dry.

Do I have to trowel the Like-Nu product on?

No trowel is needed with the Like-Nu product.

Do I have to Roll the Like-Nu product on?

You can roll the Like-Nu product. We recommend rolling heavily sprayed areas and drip marks the sprayer may cause.

Can I add more water to the Like-Nu product to make it a lighter color?

No please see instructions.

Does the outside weather temperature effect the Like-Nu Spray and drying time?

The warmer the weather, the faster the Like-Nu product will dry.

Can I order Like-Nu in bulk?

On pallet size orders of 24 or more buckets, please contact us.

Where can I find the MSDS documents and other technical documents?

Please contact us for more details.

Do I need to wear protective clothing when spraying the Like-Nu product ?

We recommend always using a mask, gloves, eye safety glasses and protective clothing when using any concrete products.