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Concrete Restoration Kit

Concrete Restoration Kit

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Like-Nu is a DIY retail concrete restoration kit for reconditioning your stained, weathered or damaged concrete. Our solution is a proprietary blend of concrete and patented Like-Nu binding formula which allows for easy spray on application saving homeowners both time and money. 

Like-Nu blends and absorbs into existing concrete returning it to its beautiful natural look.  The Restoration Kit includes a 5 gallon bucket for mixing, a net for straining formula poured into the sprayer, concrete sponge, and Part A and Part B Like-Nu mix which covers over 400 square feet.

Like-Nu restoration kit has been engineered for DIY and homeowner use and is designed for concrete areas like patios, walkways, driveways, pool decks and more.

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  • Benefits

    • Fast & Easy to use
    • Just Mix and Spray (Spray on application with deck pump sprayer)
    • Stains, repairs and discoloring disappear
    • Quick application (1 to 2 hours)
    • Faster masking and clean up
    • No trowel needed!!!
    • Fast drying (walk on within 30 minutes)
    • Saves Time & Money
    • Engineered for Homeowner Use
  • Solution:

    Our solution blends and absorbs into existing concrete returning it to the beautiful natural look. No need to repair and replace, just apply Like Nu over distressed area and save valuable time and money. Like Nu permeates the existing concrete so repairs and stains disappear after application.
    The Like Nu formula is proven over 30 years in use by Stadium operators, nationally recognized home builders and commercial clients.

  • Durability:

    Like NU looks, feels, and wears like standard concrete. Unlike coatings and overlays, Like Nu permeates the existing concrete allowing the concrete to breathe preventing peeling and blistering, while other coatings lay on top of surface and create a solid barrier which traps air and moisture resulting in peeling and blistering. We recommend reapplying Like Nu every 2 to 4 years to keep finish Like Nu. An additional step of applying a concrete sealer can extend the life even further. Additionally, our UV performance is comparable to standard concrete.